Email Marketing: Creating a Campaign


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Skip Ahead to the Best Parts of this Podcast

  1. What are your goals for email marketing [4:25]
  2. Some examples of different types of content [5:35]
  3. Why learning copywriting matters [11:06]
  4. Start with the headline and then go deep [15:09]
  5. Email is the gateway drug [22:58]

On today’s episode Jeff and Kelley cover email marketing and how to develop an effective message strategy to deploy into your email marketing campaign.

They cover these three topics in depth:

  • What is your goal for email marketing
  • what kind of content should you be sending to your list
  • how to prospect your list with simple copy

Email seems to be a forgotten strategy for the real estate agent. Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer (a name heard on this podcast in the past) has said: “The one with the biggest list, wins”

Realtors® should be focused on building an email list and creating consistent content that is consumable and shareable and then sharing that content with their list.

It has never been easier to ‘stay in front’ of your clients than it is right now. Some marketers have said that email marketing is dead, what a load of crap. There are people in this world that are making 7 figures off of their email list because they have focused on deploying strategies in their business that will help to build their list and then implemented a plan to stay in front of that list.

This is an untapped resource in the real estate industry, if you are an agent and have done any sort of business in your career, you have an email list.

Even those that are new in the business should have a list from their previous work life. Agents just getting into business don’t realize this is the first place they should start after they are licensed to trade in real estate. You HAVE to get that database together, pick an email platform that is easy to use and edit and start off creating that content for your audience.