Redline | Redlife Episode 7: Building a Company Culture

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In today’s episode we welcome two of our newest agents to the brokerage, Sundi Clark and Corie Lowewen.

Corie and Sundi mentioned, one of the first times that we met, that they had been ‘watching Redline’ for a long time. They had heard us speak at various conferences and were waiting on an opportunity align themselves with us.

That opportunity came on March 1st when they decided they had enough watching and made the leap to join on with us and paint the town of High River, red.

A big part of the reason of why they made their move was due to the culture that we have created at Redline. One that includes sharing, building, trust, team, hard work, support, encouragement…the list could go on and on.

These were big items that they weren’t receiving at their last brokerage.

How we are Building a Great Culture at Redline

All of the items I mentioned above.

Support. Teamwork. Trust. Encouragement. Sharing. Hard Work. Innovation. Inspiration.

We support our agents in a way that other brokerages can’t or won’t. We have developed systems and processes and have a dedicated Admin team, Marketing team, digital marketing team and leadership team to help guide today’s busy Realtor®.

The industry deserves better from the brokerages, from the brands. Agent’s continually have to outsource things that they truly shouldn’t have to, things that the brokerage should be providing.

To make an impact, the brokerage needs to have an investment into every agent they bring into their model otherwise the industry and the consumer both suffer.

How do you create an amazing culture in any business?

Your leaders have to have buy into the employees or in this case, the real estate agents.