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Skip Ahead to the Best Parts of this Redlife Podcast

  1. Building a Content Creation Strategy [2:40]
  2. Identifying your customer avatar or your demographic [6:49]
  3. How do I know what content to write or do video about? [14:17]
  4. Don’t get overwhelmed with creating 17 pieces of content per month, follow this advice instead [16:57]
  5. How to repurpose old content and repackage it [24:03]
  6. Why your listings are your best source of content [28:47]
  7. How to create your own reality show online to help build a brand, trust and exposure [31:03]

Getting Social Smart with Katie Lance

To order Katie’s new book, go to and make sure you get on the list to get notified when it is able to purchase.

Today we talk to Katie Lance about Social Media trends in 2017, how to create a killer content calendar and how to repurpose and repackage content to drive likes, listens and views.

Katie has an amazing mind and a ton of experience when it comes to social media marketing she is knowledgeable about many different facets of marketing.

We got to pick her massive brain for an hour about the things that Realtors® get overwhelmed with and how to overcome those objections and roadblocks we put in front of ourselves.

The idea of creating content can be overwhelming, it can be a daunting task that, as a Realtor® you are adding to your growing list of to-do’s on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Agents that have embraced content creation and made it a part of their every day business plan are the ones that will ultimately be able to drive more organic traffic that turns into business. It is a cost effective way of building a brand and building a business that you can be proud of.

A big part of what we talked about on this episode was the type of content that you should be looking to create, the channels you should utilize to distribute.

Here are a few golden nuggets as I don’t want to spoil this amazing interview that we did with Katie Lance of Katie Lance Consulting:

  • Write one blog post or do one video and use it to create 10 pieces of content over the course of a month
  • If you are doing video, focus your content on both Facebook and YouTube. Think of YouTube as the Encyclopedia and Facebook at the Newspaper
  • With all content creation you need a plan, without one you are traveling from one end of the internet to the other without a road map
  • Your Listings can be a great source of content if you don’t have a desire to write

The big thing about content creation that I want you to remember, it is a long term play. I have videos on YouTube that are 5 years old that are still bringing me exposure and business.

Don’t be afraid to get started. If you need help, check out Katie on Facebook and join her private groups, she is a treasure trove of knowledge and you will feel like you hit the jackpot.