Redline | Redlife Episode 6: Master Your Craft with Support of a Team

Redlife Episode 5: Letting Your Guard Down

In today’s episode Darren starts off his day with a quick meeting with a new client that one of our agents brought to the Redline table.  The potential new client is a builder that our agent, Ray, has a relationship with but needed some support in how we represent a builder client.

This is a recurring theme through the previous 5 episodes, the support that you get within the walls and outside the walls of Redline is unparalleled in the industry.

We want you to succeed and if you need one of the leadership to accompany you on a listing appointment to land a big listing, a small listing or a massive client, then we will be there to support that.

That is what having a team behind you is all about.

I Don’t Care

This is a quote attributed to the guest on today’s show, Shaun Ford.

In context, he doesn’t care what his competitors are doing. Why? Because he is focused on the goals that he has set out for himself.

When you have a team behind you to support you and your vision for your business, when you are so focused on building that business, you cease to have competition.

Let’s say that again….When you are so focused on building your business, you cease to have competition.

Too many Realtors® today have to wear so many hats that it winds up taking their focus away from what they should be doing day in and day out. Focusing on working on the things you are good at and sourcing out the things that you are bad at or that you shouldn’t be doing to begin with.