Redlife Episdoe 005: Letting Your Guard Down in Real Estate

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In episode 5 of the Redline | Redlife Show, we talk about letting your guard down in real estate.

In the business of real estate, a lot of agents don’t want to share their cards. They think that real estate is just a big poker table and they can’t reveal their cards and have to put on their best poker face.

A lot of agents have no interest in sharing what they are doing to grow their business as they are afraid that another agent, their ‘competition’ will take the idea and do it better than they can or will.

What a lot of agents don’t realize is that there is a ton of business for every Calgary RealtorĀ®. What I might be able to pull off in my business and have success with, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to execute at the same level and have the same type of success.

We need to let our guard’s down a little bit and look at our industry professionals more as collaborators than competition. If we can make that shift in mindset and look to give rather than take, your business will transform itself. Heck, even your life will take a different turn by living the life of a servant’s heart rather than someone that wants to take all the time.

Ups, Downs, Punches in the Gut in Real Estate

There are also a lot of ups and downs in this business that RealtorsĀ® know all to well, it is tough being a solo agent in this industry.

Taking the punches to the guts on the regular and having noone to really vent to other than a significant other or your dog is tough. You know what we mean right?

You pull up Matrix only to find that a friend or family member has decided to list with another agent. Or that potential client you have been courting for the last couple of months helping to make sure they are prepared for the market, decides to list with another agent because you were in the hospital (I wouldn’t know anything about that!!)

Having a team, without being on a team, is what is missing from the real estate industry today. A lot of agents are on islands by themselves and are continually looking for fulfillment or accountability from outside sources like coaches or mentorship groups.

There is another way. What if we told you about being on a team, without the team splits but still getting the same, is possible? What you believe it?

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