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Skip Ahead to the Best Parts of the Redlife Podcast

  1. Online lead conversion statistics [2:17]
  2. What is the optimal amount of calls to make to increase your chance of conversion [6:11]
  3. What follow up methods to use [10:43]
  4. What you SHOULD be saying to the people that register on your website [12:12]
  5. How you take care of people that don’t respond to your call attempts [21:30]

Online Lead Conversion Strategies: Why a Servants Mindset Wins Every Time

On today’s episode Jeff and I go into how to properly convert online leads.

We cover three areas that are key when talking to customers that register on your website. We also cover statistical information and reference a study that was done by Velocify commissioned to help you improve your odds of conversion.

What we have seen the most in our respective businesses is when you make a mental shift and go from being a salesperson, to being a servant.

Let me explain….someone is sales is only concerned about one thing, landing the lead and getting the sale.

Someone that truly wants to serve the client is also concerned about one thing, serving the lead until that person decides they trust you enough to employ your expertise.

There is a massive divide between those two mindsets, especially in 2017. People know when they are being sold to. Take this as an example, when you go into a clothing store and you are staring at a wall full of jeans and the salesperson comes over to you and asks:

“Can I help you find something?” What is your typical response?  No thanks, I am just browsing.

But what if that salesperson in that clothing store had a different mindset and asked you the same question but differently, something like:

“Hey there, you know these jeans are great, but we have an amazing sale going on over here at this location (in the store), you can save up to 30% on each pair. Follow me, let’s go have a quick look and see if we can find you something.”

Your response? Well, only you can determine that. My response would be, first, Hell Ya I want to save 30% off my purchase. Second, I am going to follow this person and they are going to find my size, the right colour and then show me where to try this stuff on and provide me with an opinion (if my wife isn’t there of course!)

See how that went? That same salesperson just closed me into a purchase because they asked the same question but provided value in their knowledge of the store and of the store’s sales and then provided me with an opinion of whether the jeans were right on me.

The secret sauce to converting online leads?

Change your mindset, stop selling and start serving.