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  1. How the Shields Group formulated their video plan [4:48]
  2. Fletcher and Vaynerchuk are right: Create a Media Company [9:42]
  3. Don’t get fancy use this equipment to shoot your videos [12:56]
  4. Using ‘Big City’ Methods to own a smaller market [21:35]
  5. What to do with your videos once you’ve shot, edited and getting ready to upload [23:38]

Creating a Community Through Video

Spouses Selling Houses Shields Real Estate Group

On today’s episode our guest Ryan Shields​, of the Shields Real Estate Group, talks about their 30 in 30 video series from last year.

It was 30 videos in 30 days that featured 30 different locations and businesses in Brandon, Manitoba. This series helped them to build brand awareness as well as bringing a community together.

They focused on creating blocks of video at a time and would be ready to upload them on the days they felt would make the most impact.

Next they approached local and area businesses to see if they would be allowed to film in front of their business. Once they got the ok, they would then ask the business owner to share the video (if they liked it of course) on Facebook.

This was a strategy they used to generate 62,000 views on 30 videos over 30 days in their home town of Brandon.

The How-Tos and the WHY Around Shooting Community Videos

The Shields group wanted to focus their time and energy on promoting their community, for two reasons:

  1. They love where they live and wanted to show it off
  2. Noone else was engaging in this type or level of online marketing in their market

The How-Tos are mostly above in the recorded podcast so make sure you listen and take notes. Part of how they kept this project simple was that they shot all of their video with their phones and edited with their phones.

They used a selfie stick and their ear buds so that they got good audio and sometimes shot upwards of 7 videos all in one day.

If you are going to deploy this style of marketing into your business you have to follow these steps:

  1. Determine your demographic
  2. What communities are you going to focus on? If you live in a big city, pick a certain neighbourhood you want to work in
  3. How many videos are you going to shoot and what locations are you going to shoot at
  4. What is your equipment going to be and how will you edit
  5. What is your distribution strategy?

This type of marketing takes WORK and isn’t for everyone, however, if you follow these steps and listen to the podcast above you will have a good start on your competition.