Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Funnels and Email Marketing

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​Today we are talking about Lead Generation, what is working and what isn’t working in the real estate vertical. We are also discuss what the best web hooks are, how to effectively email those leads that have opted into your website and what an ideal landing page looks like.

​Lead Generation

​In today’s world of lead generation for real estate, the consumer is looking for value now more than ever. They don’t want to opt into your website to find out their home’s value when your website can’t provide some kind of number right off the bat.

​Time and time again we see Realtors® running these kind of websites and we look at the comments below the ad. Typically they are negative and are calling the agent out on the site being BS and just wanting to get your email and phone number so that they can be spammed to death.

​This isn’t the kind of lead generation that agents should be focused on in 2017. In this episode, Rebecca Mountain of Impetus Consulting goes deep on what we should be offering and how we should be offering it. If that sounds vague, it is. Go below and click on the link below Lead Generation to skip ahead to that part of the video.

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​Landing Pages

​Landing pages can be built through your website, or they can be built utilizing a company like leadpages.net. The landing page is designed to get the potential client/customer to do one thing and that is to opt into the page to get what it is that you are offering them.

​If you are building out a landing page on your website, the best practice is to turn off the navigation, otherwise you are giving that person a way off the page and to dive down another rabbit hole. That is not the goal.

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​Web Hook

A Web Hook or an offering is simply something that you create that is going to help the consumer in their quest of home ownership. It could be a video, it could be a series of educational videos spread out over 5 days. It could be an eBook talking about how to go about getting pre-approved or what the buying process looks like.

​In fact, the best web hook according to Rebecca is in the video and you can watch that clip by clicking here.

​Email Marketing

​The fortune is in the follow up. This is a mantra that every agent should be chanting as they are building out their email series.

​In this part of the podcast, Rebecca covers sequential as well as stacked incubation, you should know about both of these kinds of follow up so that you can test which one is going to work best for you.

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