The Six Levels of Mastery

​Watch Redline | Redlife Episode 3: Inside the Team

​In episode 4 of the Redline|Redlife show, Darren talks about the 6 Stages to Mastery. Now, this applies to every business not just to real estate. Below I am going to outline what each stage is and give you a brief explanation of each stage.

If you don’t want to read, please watch the video, it’s only 10 minutes and it could change the way you view your business, whatever it may be.

​Mastery Stage 1: Decision or Formulation

Formulation is the planning stage for your goals. If you don’t have goals for your business then the first step is sit down and clearly define what they are. Often in real estate, an agent’s goals are defined by unit count or gross commission income or by total sales volume.

I think this is a mistake. Yes of course you need to make money, I am not disputing that, but if you are focusing only on the transaction then other facets of your life are going to be neglected.

​We always coach our agents to first plan the personal then plan the business. This is, as Tom Ferry says, is creating your Life by Design.

​Mastery Stage 2: Concentration or Massive Action

The average habit takes 67 days to create.

THIS is the stage where you start taking action. You begin to execute on the plans that you laid our for yourself in Stage 1, this is where you put in the work for the next 90 days.

I remember when I decided that video was going to be a big part of my business, I laid out a plan of attack on two fronts. First was content, I created a content plan that I had to stick to, if anything it was going to give me ideas for the next video if I wasn’t feeling what I had laid out for myself a couple of months before. The second front was a commitment to shoot, edit and upload on a daily basis.

I did this for two years fairly consistently and like Darren mentions in the video, I had to push through even though there weren’t a ton of deals coming in. I knew that if I focused and took action that eventually the long term play was going to pay off, and it did.

​Mastery Stage 3: Momentum

Now that you are through the 90 days of massive action, you should begin to see results. This stage is crucial for a couple of reasons as there are a couple of killers to momentum that you have to be aware of: Ego and Becoming Overwhelmed.

​If you are not staying in stage 2 during stage 3, your momentum will dry up. This is the other common mistake business people make, they put blinders on when they are busy and forget about the activities they were doing to get themselves into Stage 3.

​You have to continue to commit or even re-commit to the plan that you put in place during stage one and continue to execute like you were in Stage 2, to stay in perpetual momentum in stage 3.

​Mastery Stage 4: Stabilization

This is where we begin to see repetition of the actions that you have taken. This is where we begin to look for software that will allows us to put systems and processes in and allow us to automate some of our tasks. This is where we begin to look for support to our business either through technology, building a team or a mixture of both.

​The danger zone in stage 4 is boredom. Some may get bored with what they have created, the trick here is not to break the system down you have created to create more work for yourself, but rather to make small adjustments to the way the systems and processes are working.

​Mastery Stage 5: Breakthrough

This is where everything that you have been doing to this point, becomes evident in the success that you should be having.

​Stage 6: Mastery

If you have made it to stage 6, congratulations, you have achieved mastery in your business. This is what stage 6 should look like: You may look like you are doing nothing in your business but everything is happening and being done by people that are better than you.

​This is where the idea of the ‘overnight success’ comes into play, you will see success through these steps and to the untrained eye it look as though you got lucky. You and I both know, that luck has nothing to do with it.

​My man GaryVee has something to say about luck, watch that here: Overnight Success