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Different Ways to use Video in Your Real Estate Business

There are many different ways you could be using video in your real estate business in 2017 and today we break down some of those ideas with Sebastian Malinowski of the Burlington Homes Team,

Sebastian has been focused on video for the better part of 8 years of of his 13 in the business and has some amazing stories to tell from a social proof perspective. We talk about how some may look at video as a silver or magic bullet to their business but we iterate that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, video has always been a long term play in terms of marketing, you may have heard of the longtail keyword, video is just that.

You could think of YouTube as the modern day encyclopedia where people go to ask questions to find answers to their problems. I still have people finding my videos online and calling me about condos, or grow ops or getting permits on their already developed basements (some of my most popular) and those videos were created over 6 years ago.​

Some advice for you if you are thinking about deploying video into your real estate business:

  • Be consistent: If you shoot ten videos and that is yet, people will notice that. If you go 2 years between videos, people will notice that as well. Consistency along with great content is KEY
  • Determine how video is going to fit into your business. Will you be the ‘talking head’ style video or will you make an effort to become the digital mayor of your town or neighbourhood
  • It takes WORK. Yes, learning the process takes work, it doesn’t matter if you hire a videographer it is still going to take work to figure out locations and the content. If you don’t want to do the work, don’t start.​

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Sebastian’s Story

How Sebastian got started

Social Proof that Video Works

How Sebastian’s video helped him gain a new client early on

The Rockstar Effect

​How to build up Know, Like and Trust through Video

Facebook Live

​Should Realtors® be doing Facebook Live Videos?

Professional Appearance

​Do you have to look professional all the time?


​What equipment and editing software can you use?


​What topics to I do talk about?