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Facebook Ads Guide with Andrew Fogliato

To watch Episode 1: How to Build a Business at Scale through Systems and Processes click here
​REALTORS® should be pushing all in on Facebook ads to drive leads to their website which will in turn increase the amount of business they could be doing.

In Episode 2 we go through the anatomy of a Facebook Ad, what the ultimate ad should look like and what Andrew sees as the next evolution in Facebook advertising for real estate.

​There are many kinds of ads you could be running, the ad is important but what is more important about running facebook ads, is the targeting. Is your message getting to the right demographic, to the right type of buyer or seller?

In the video above we go through all of these and take you on a guided tour of Facebook advertising for real estate. To skip ahead to some of the more important sections of the video, make sure you check the list down below. You won’t want to miss out of the ultimate Facebook Ads Guide!

​The 3 Elements of a Facebook Ad

​Facebook Ad: What it should look like

Why Home Value Facebook Ads Don’t Work

​Today’s Consumer is not fooled by this type of landing page

​What Realtors need to look at for conversion

Look at your lead flow and determine what is better a partial or a full lead

What is a Lead Form in Facebook

​Keep your audience in Facebook to generate their information instead of pushing them out of the app

​Targeting for Your Facebook Ads

​How to effectively target your audience in Facebook

Targeting Advice

2 Pieces of quality advice on facebook targeting

What type of ads work?

​Should you be running video ads, 1 photo or carousel

Cost Per Lead

Budget of $150/month what should you expect for the number of leads coming in?