How to Build a Real Estate Business Through Systems and Processes


There are some great nuggets in here as Jeff and I examine the ideology around systems and processes for a real estate agents business. I am going to give you easy access to the podcast so that you can listen to certain items instead of having to listen to the whole 32 minutes.

Down below I am adding links to each section that is super important, go ahead and click on the links to watch and listen to the videos.

I know some REALTORS® are nervous about technology and nervous about creating systems in their real estate business, but if you follow the guide we have laid out for you below, you will be successful.

​To give you some idea of how a real estate system should be created you can skip right down to the bottom to minute [24:12] and watch that 6 minutes or you can give me a call at 403-827-7527 and I would gladly answer your questions.

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What is a System

Click here to go to Minute [2:50] to here about what our definition of a system is

Systemizing Your Client Communication

Head over to minute 5 for how to systemize your communication with your listing clients

What is the Real Benefit of Having a System?

Minute [8:22] on the benefits of having a system

Reactive vs. Proactive

Why most REALTORS® are Reactive and not Proactive

The Tools you Need

The tools for creating systems and processes

Systems Best Practices

Best practices for creating a system in your real estate business

The Most Important Systems

These are the most important systems and processes to be using in your real estate business


Simple systems to start your day or week

Where do you Start?

Where do you get started in creating systems for your real estate business?

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