The Traditional Brokerage vs. The Brokerage Model of the Future Episode 002: Digging Deeper

Watch the video below and if you haven’t watched Episode 001: The Unveiling, you can watch that here.

The Traditional Brokerage Model and the Independent Agent

For years now the real estate brokerage model has promoted the rise of the independent real estate agent. One that chooses a brokerage based on their perception of value, not to take away from those that offer true value, but there are many brokerages out there that hang on the brand offering as being the value offering.

Darren mentions this at about the [1:35] Mark of the video: The traditional brokerage isn’t there to help you launch your career, they are there for you to ask a few questions and hopefully get some guidance about how to be successful in real estate.

But what if there were a better way? What if your brokerage invested in your career and gave you the tools that you needed to be successful?

What if the brokerage took care of your marketing for you and provided you with a killer CRM and taught you how to use it?

What if the brokerages sole function, was to invest in systems and processes for their agents that they knew would help to boost those agents’ career?

That is what Darren is talking about in this video. It is the investment that the brokerage of the future should be making into the agent, because without the agent’s success, the brokerage doesn’t see success either.

What is the Day in the Life of a RealtorĀ®?

Think about this.

What do you day in and day out to support your business?

That is a big question that not a lot of agents can answer because they are bogged down in the minor details of loading a listing, or organizing paperwork for a buyer, or prospecting for new business.

If you can answer that question, great, the next one is: Out of the things you do daily to support your business, what out of that list, can your brokerage do for you on a consistent basis?

Imagine if your brokerage took on your sphere and database marketing for you. How much time would you save in a month from trying to dig up a topic to be able to share in an email or a mail marketing piece or something on your Facebook page or Instagram?

That is one example of how the brokerage can make your business much simpler for you to focus on the things that matter the most in your business.

Do you know what those things are? If you don’t, you should.