Redline | Redlife Episode 003: Inside the Redline Team

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What is Our Purpose at Redline?

Darren nails it within the first minute and 32 seconds of Episode 003…what is our purpose at Redline?

I think this is a question all brokerages should be asking themselves, what is it going to take for the brokerage of the future to be successful?

Our answer to that question is to be wholly invested in our agents to improve their lives and their businesses and to set them up to succeed like they never have been before. We are striving to improve our industry by helping agents be better business people by helping them adopt better business practices.

If we were to look at today’s real estate brokerage model, the one that claims to be ‘full service’, we would see one that provides a place to work (meaning a bricks and mortar office space), a conveyancing department, a receptionist and the broker.

Maybe they have a training portal, maybe they put on training events. I would suggest that the vast majority don’t do either of those things.

So you have to ask yourself, what is a full service brokerage?

Want to Grab a Coffee?

This is a short blog post today, I would rather you watch the video than to ready what I’ve written and if you have watched the videos (all 4 of them so far), I have to ask, are you intrigued?

Would you like to grab a coffee and talk about what the full service brokerage model looks like?

If so, hit one of us up by calling our sales line at 403-242-7009 or send us an email to

Make sure to schedule at least 1.5 hours for this, we are passionate about what we have brought to the marketplace and that passion breeds conversation.