Unveiling: Why We’ve Launched a High Value Brokerage

It’s funny, Darren and I just had this conversation today while at Nakiska, do we continue to call the brokerage a ‘High Value’ or ‘Hybrid’ or do we just call it, The Brokerage.

Like, this is the way that it is. The way that we do it. The way that we see it being done. The way Agents should expect it to be done.

It is definitely high value and a hybrid of sorts that gives the agent everything that our team agents get with the exception of lead generation and coaching.

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What Does High Value Mean?

The real estate brokerage of the past, meaning about 40 years ago, used to take care of everything for the agent. They would pay for photocopies, faxes, phone calls, your desk, printed materials, advertising the newspaper etc…

Somewhere along the line, that all changed with the advent of the ‘100% Brokerage Model’. If you are reading this and you are not at Redline Real Estate Group, then there is a very good chance you are at one of these brokerages.

You may get a lot of your commission back, but you have to pay for everything, phone calls, photocopies, printed materials, advertising (to put yourself in the paper to market yourself as a ‘Top Producer’ is on average $180-$200), your desk etc… You have a monthly fee, plus a cap and then you have to look after running your business at the same time. I am going down a rabbit hole here so I am going to stop there and get back to the HV definition.

Alot of that commission you get back gets spent on marketing, advertising and business development (or chasing the shiny penny).

High Value according to Redline Real Estate Group:

We take care of the things that you shouldn’t have to:

  • Done for your Marketing
  • Drop and Go Listings
  • Buyer Concierge
  • Client Events
  • We have researched the best CRMs in the business and provide you with that along with training on how to use it
  • Best in class technologies that you are trained to use
  • Being with a brokerage that is continually looking to innovate and bring more to help you grow your business

There is way more that I could get into, and I know that I am being a little vague with the top 4 items on that list. That’s by design. I want you to call. I want to have that conversation with you. I want you to understand that there is a better way to run your business than having to do everything yourself which can limit the amount of business you truly want to do.

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I promise, I won’t waste your time.