Redline-Redlife: Setting the Stage

This is our very first post and video for our new series at Redline Real Estate Group called Redline-Redlife.

The whole concept for Redline-Redlife was born out of a need in our industry to show the consumer and the real estate agent what a high value brokerage looks like.

We feel that there is a direct correlation between high value for the consumer and high value for the REALTOR®. Let me explain…Today’s agent has to wear many different hats in their business:

  • they have to run the marketing department
  • they have to be their own bookkeeper and accountant
  • they have to set out the advertising budget
  • they have to do R&D (research and development) to find the best technologies to implement into their business
  • They have to sell homes
  • They have to find new clients and look after their current client base
  • They have to find time in the day, week, month, year to spend with their friends and family

At the end of the day, today’s agent is focussing a lot on things that will work for their business and may ultimately improve the experience of the consumer.

Unfortunately, there is a duality here that is likely unforeseen by today’s agent, they are doing everything the can to improve their business but at some point something is going to have to give as most of their time is taken up in the R&D portion of their business.

The part to suffer would likely be the quality of the consumer experience. If today’s agent didn’t have to worry about any of the above (except looking after their taxes of course), and the brokerage were to provide a high level of service to the agent, our feeling is, the consumer’s real estate experience is going to improve drastically.

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Watch the video below to get some insight into our philosophy in this Episode: Setting the Stage